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Savvy HomeMade Monday #23 – It’s A Blog Party!

Happy Savvy HomeMade Monday, Everyone, and thank you for stopping by for my party!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I had an amazing weekend visiting with my family (my parents, brother, and his new wife who I absolutely adore).  We went camping which I can some up with this photo I took:

On Word:  “Peaceful.”

We also took a break from our camping activities to make our first trip to IKEA!  Oh Wow!  It was everything I hoped it would be.  I asked for advice on Facebook for a plan of attack and I took all of your advice: 1.  I had Swedish Meatballs for lunch.  2.  I purchased the giant, blue reusible bags.  3.  And I took my time!  There is so much packed in there, that if you don’t take your time, you will miss something.  I couldn’t let that happen.  Thank you again for all of your advice!

Now, let’s get on with Savvy HomeMade Monday.  The features from last weeks party are:

Day’s of Chalk and Chocolate shared a recap of her Top 10 Posts from 2011 and they are ALL amazing!  I have her Fall Wreath and Halloween Glam Wreath pinned to make next year!

bear rabbit bear shared her 1st week of her “Glam Your Bed Pillow Sew-Along” challenge with a great tutorial for a Ribbon Pillow.  I change my pillows constantly and really love this look for an easy switch up!

Pondered Primed Perfected {P3} shared a project which I am personally inspired by as I have recently been experimenting with wine bottle decor for an upcoming wine party.  She made a wine bottle lamp!

Ooooooooooh.  Now for the food…

The Kitchen is My Playground knocked it out of the park again with her Chocolate Almost Flourless Cake.  I don’t think I even need to use words to describe this incredible cake… Just look at the photo!

Moogie and Pop also shared a cake that looks both delicious and beautiful!  Can you imagine cutting into this Madagascar Zebra Cake and seeing all these impressive layers in person?  Love it!

And, now that you are all drooling, I want to give us some motivation to burn off  (some of) those delicious calories we consume with Whole Intentions’ “Bathroom Exercise” post!  Yes, putting “Bathroom” and “Exercise” together sounds strange, but the title was just strange enough to make me curious!  I am glad I dove in to find out more as this is a great idea for working fitness into our crazyeveryday lives!

I have to say, I am so impressed that you all are SO motivated right after the holidays!  It has taken me some time to bounce back and get back into the groove.  I cannot wait to see what all my fabulous, motivated bloggy friends are up to this week!

The rules are the same as always:

  1. Please become a follower of Home Savvy via GFC in the sidebar.  (Sometimes GFC is moody and doesn’t appear.  If you refresh the screen it should pop up.)
  2. It isn’t mandatory, but if you Facebook, I would love for you to “like” Home Savvy on FB by clicking here.  If you have a blog of your own, please leave a comment on my Facebook wall so I can visit you too!
  3. Any (appropriate) idea goes in my book.  Crafting, restoration, recipes, tutorials, need to knows… if it is a post you are proud of, please share!
  4. Please link back to on your post or site (find a button here or url, whatever you prefer).  This will help spread the word about Savvy HomeMade Monday.  The more the merrier right?!?
  5. Visit some of your fellow party goers and share the blog love!

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