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Savvy HomeMade Monday #21

What a wonderful holiday weekend!  Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I hope yours was a celebration full of family and friends… with a side of fun and fabulous food of course. My Christmas was a wonderful one, in case you were wondering.  🙂

Thank you all for stopping by for Savvy HomeMade Monday #21!  Wahoo!  Some of the most popular posts from last week were…

The Kitchen Is My Playground’s Traditional and Nutella Yuppy Chow.  I remember having a version of this a few years ago and remember LOVING it.  I was so excited to see Tracey’s version of it as I am always a fan of her recipes.  I am going to have to whip this up for my New Year’s Celebration!

Her-Ballistic Garden’s Branch Candle Centerpiece.  Oh-My-Gorgeous!  I have a lot of nature inspired pieces in my home and just LOVE this centerpiece.  I will definitely be copying Wendy’s idea next holiday season.  Stop by and check out how she created the candle stands.  It is so clever!


Loe La Loep’s Cute Snowman from Old Clothing and Rice.  This little guy is adorable and I love that we can customize his look to fit our decor.  Plus, he is made from items we have around the house!

Art Is Beauty’s HomeMade Mercury Glass Decor.  I know you have seen it all over.  I cannot get enough of the mercury glass decor everywhere I look.  If I could walk into Pottery Barn and purchase anything and everything I want, I would have ended up with about 25 different mercury glass pieces this year.  Well, Art is Beauty just inspired my Christmas Tablescape for next year… it will be all mercury glass… all made at home!  Check out this awesome tutorial for making your own mercury glass!

Burton Avenue’s Stenciled Fabric Magnet Board.  I love, love, love that this magnet board is not only functional but also beautiful.  Thank you for sharing, Angie!

And somehow, I always finish my Savvy HomeMade Monday recap with food… and the munchies!

Like Mother, Like Daughter’s Chocolate Mint Surprise Cookies look delicious.  I have seen a lot of cookies with kisses on top, but LOVE this remix with the kiss in the middle.  Pin!

Well, I am sure you agree that all the links from last week were awesome.  I wish I could go on and on, but it is time to party again!

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