Monday February 19th 2018
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San Antonio

Our Great City At a Glance

I must admit, I did not choose San Antonio, TX as my home, the Navy chose it for me.  However, I am so glad my husband’s service brought us to this amazing city and, now, cannot imagine living anywhere but the great state of Texas!  In fact, I became so passionate about San Antonio that I became a REALTOR shortly after moving here so I may help other families move to this city I love!  It is no surprise to me that San Antonio’s population grew by 41,000 people between 2010 and 2011 alone.  Named one of the Top 10 Recession Proof Cities in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine, San Antonio has a thriving economy, is rich in history and culture, has a night life that is hard to beat, and restaurants that offer a taste of the world all without leaving the city.  Let’s also not forget that this wonderful city is nestled in a State Income Tax Free State!

Whether you are considering a move to San Antonio or already live here and are looking for something new to do this weekend, I hope this information is helpful to you.


Population:  2,194,927 people – The 7th Largest City in the US (as of 4/5/12) – Information provided by

Time Zone: Central, Observes Daylight Savings

Sales Tax:  8.125 (Information provided by:

Median Home Price: $153,500

Newspaper:  San Antonio Express News

Weather:  Averages over 300 days of sunshine per year with averages temperatures seen below:

Newspaper:  San Antonio Express News


San Antonio has a booming economy with an unemployment rate of 6.8% (source), well below the national average of 8.5%.  Much of San Antonio’s economic success can be attributed to its diverse industrial make-up.  Four major industries, financial services, health care, tourism, and government, contribute to the city’s success.  San Antonio has the second largest military population in the US with three Air Force bases (Brooks, Lackland, and Randolph) and one Army post (Fort Sam Houston).  A complete breakdown of 2011 employment statistics per industry can be seen here:

Sector May 2011 Employment May 2010 Employment Change from May 2010 % Change 2010-2011
Total Nonfarm 855,800 850,800 5,000 0.6%
Government 163,900 164,300 -2,400 -1.4%
Trade, Transportation and Utilities 142,700 141,900 800 0.6%
Education and Health Services 135,800 128,400 7,400 5.8%
Leisure and Hospitality 106,600 105,400 1,200 1.1%
Professional and Business Services 99,500 100,700 -1,200 -1.2%
Financial Activities 65,400 65,900 -500 -0.8%
Manufacturing 44,900 43,900 1,000 2.3%
Construction 43,600 44,300 -700 -1.6%
Other Services 32,100 31,700 400 1.3%
Information 17,600 18,900 -1,300 -6.9%
Mining and Logging 3,700 3,400 300 8.8%
Source: Texas Workforce Commission


San Antonio’s cost of living is significantly lower than the national average with a Cost of Living Index of 92 (100 is the national average).  See how San Antonio ranks against other US etropolitan areas in this Kiplinger Report.


Listed as #17 on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Most Visited Cities in the US, San Antonio is home to attractions that bring over 26 million visitors annually.  Those include:

These are just a few attractions visitors and residents may enjoy in the immediate San Antonio Area.  In the areas surrounding the city, one may also visit:

San Antonio was also voted #5 for Best U.S. Best U.S. Cities for Affordable Getaways by Travel and Leisure Magazine.


For complete reports on San Antonio Public Schools Systems, click here.


For an extensive relocation guide published by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, please click here.

As a Texas REALTOR®, I am happy to help you whether you are relocating to San Antonio or simply planning a visit!  Please feel free to contact me if I may help you find a REALTOR® in your current city to sell your home, if I may help you find a new home to buy or lease in San Antonio, or if I may just answer questions for you as you consider San Antonio, Texas for a new adventure!

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