Monday February 19th 2018
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Home Savvy Invite and Tutorial

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Welcome to Home Savvy A to Z!  I am happy to tell you all about Pinterest and happy to help you get started without sitting on that wait list!

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Now… On to Pinterest!

What is You Ask?

Pinterest is a site that allows you to create a web based “bulletin board” featuring photos of things you have found on the web and love.  What do I mean?  Imagine yourself 15 years ago (pre-internet explosion) going through your favorite design magazine (or whatever you were into at that time), cutting out images you love, and posting them on a bulletin board to enjoy, find inspiration, and remember great ideas for the future.  Now, fast forward to today and imagine yourself doing the same thing… Only, instead of a magazine, you have your computer and, instead of scissors, you have an easy little button to push to save your finds to your board.  It is your VIRTUAL inspiration board.  I save recipes, holiday decorating ideas, decor ideas, great storage solutions… anything I may want to try in the future, I save in nice organized boards categorized the way I like so I can find my “pins” (saved images) easily.  This is a peak at my board of inspiration.  Just click on the image to make it larger:

The best part, you can share your boards with friends and look through their boards to find even more inspiration!  You can also peruse the most popular pins out there as well as Pinterest staff favorites!  Pinterest has allowed me to clear out HUNDREDS of old e-mails I was holding on to for ideas (BH&G e-mails, Martha Stewart e-mails, etc) and allowed me to stop printing ideas I like to shove in a binder!  Pinterest saves trees!  🙂

How Do I Get Started Pinning?


1.  Select whether you would like to sign in using Facebook or Twitter.

2.  You will simply enter your sign in information in as if you were signing into your Facebook or Twitter account.  If you do not wish to have your Facebook or Twitter account linked to your Pinterest Account, you can unlink them at any time once you get started.

3.  Create your Pinterest Account Information.  

4. Next, give Pinterest an idea of where your interests lie so they can suggest boards of inspiration for you.  DIY, Kids, Home Decor, etc.

5.  Pinterest will make their recommendations for you.

6.  Next, pick categories you would like to store your pictures or “pins” into.  Pinterest will give examples.  I started with “Food,” “For Our Home,” “Christmas,” “Halloween,” and “Style.”  You can always change these or create more later, so do not stress about thinking of everything now.

7.  This next step is super important!  Install your “Pin It” button.  Simply click and hold your cursor over the “Pin It” button on your screen and drag it up to your favorites or bookmark bar.  I use Google Chrome and you can see my little “Pin It” button on the far left of my favorites bar on the top of my screen.  After this is installed, when you see something on the net that you like, you will push “Pin It” to save it to your Pinterest account.  There is also a helpful video on this screen that illustrates how to install the “Pin It” button if you need some assistance.  

8.  Click, “Start Pinning” and you will see this screen!  The pictures are from inspiration boards Pinterest has recommended for you.  As you can see, on the top right hand side of your screen, you can also “Find Friends” to follow or “Invite Friends” to join  Find me at!

Now that you are are Pinterest Member, How Do You “Pin” or Save Something to your Board?

1.  I found this yummy pizza in an e-mail from Better Homes and Gardens.  I want to save this to my “Food” board so I can find it later.  Move your cursor up to the “Pin It” button you installed on your toolbar.  Click “Pin It.”

2. A Pinterest screen will pop up asking you which picture from your screen you would like to pin.  Click the image you would like to save.   

3. The drop down menu on this Pinterest screen will allow you to choose the category or “board” you would like to save your pin to.  For this, I would change my category to “Food.”  You are also able to describe your pin which gives the photo a description on your board.  Remember when describing your pin that others will be able to view this.  Keep it classy folks…  🙂

4.  Now, this yummy pizza recipe is saved on my “Food” board! 

On my screen shots, you can see a Home Savvy A to Z profile, but I only created this board to generate images for you to follow along with while signing up for Pinterest.  I actually Pin under my full name, Erin Cestero.  Find me and let’s pin together!  Happy pinning folks and remember to contact me if you would like an invite to!

To request an invitation:

1.  I respond first to Pinterest Invitation requests left on my Home Savvy A to Z Facebook wall.  If you have a Facebook account, simply “Like” Home Savvy here and then leave a comment on my wall with your e-mail address.  Make sure you use the e-mail address linked to your Facebook or Twitter account (whichever you will be using to access Pinterest).  I will happily send you an invite to get started asap!

2.  If you do not have a Facebook account, simply e-mail me at

When I submit your information to Pinterest, you will receive an invitation e-mail directly from  If you do not see your Pinterest Invitation it in your inbox, check your spam folder.  If you still do not see it, e-mail me at so I can help!

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