Monday February 19th 2018
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Great Gift Ideas From Pampered Chef and How to Order

Hi Everyone!

My Online Pampered Chef Party is going on now through December 19th.  I am a Pampered Chef junky and have never found a kitchen brand I like as much.  Fortunately, my sister-in-law, Ashley, is now a Pampered Chef Consultant and is teaching me more and more about the brand I already love.  In case you are looking for a few gift ideas for family and friends or for something to make life easier for you at home, I want to share a few of  my favorite Pampered Chef Products…

The Deep Covered Baker!

There are sooooooo many easy, delicious recipes you can make in this cooker in a matter of minutes in the microwave or oven!  Delicious pasta dishes, whole chicken, chicken wings, chicken breasts from raw to cooked in 8 minutes, fresh cobbler… you name it… you can cook it in this baker.  This makes a great gift idea for a busy family that enjoys fresh meals made in minutes!  (Who doesn’t fit that description?!?)

Even these scrumptious wings were made in the Deep Covered Baker!

Pampered Chef also has great recipe ideas for the Deep Covered Baker in their cook book:

The Garlic Press

Let’s face it, the jarred stuff just never compares to fresh garlic.  I have been using this garlic press for years.  My favorite fact about this press is that you do not have to peel the cloves before pressing them in this press!  I haven’t peeled a clove of garlic in years.  Just plunk the entire thing in the press, squeeze, and you have fresh, delicious garlic with ease.  (To be honest, I didn’t learn until recently that you couldn’t do this with all garlic presses.  I put an entire clove into a friend’s press and made a BIG mess.)  The Pampered Chef Garlic Press rocks!

The Ultimate Mandoline

Slicing veggies takes half the time using the mandoline rather than the old knife technique.  The Pampered Chef mandoline comes with interchangeable blades for crinkle cutting, v-shaped slicing and adjustable slicing.

Flexible Cutting Mats

I also love these super affordable Flexible Cutting Mats which are color coordinated to prevent cross contamination.  Your raw chicken and veggies never have to share a cutting board again (ewww)!

 Adjustable Measuring Spoons

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to share my favorite, most used kitchen utensil…. The Pampered Chef Adjustable Measuring Spoons.  You don’t need to keep 4-8 separate spoons for measurements.  These two spoons have sliders that adjust for finite measurements of dry or liquid ingredients.  I love them!

These are just a few of my favorite Pampered Chef items.  There are so many other items to choose from.  Remember, if you purchase $60 dollars or more worth of Pampered Chef products through my party, you will also get your choice of either the Pampered Chef Measuring Cup Set or Classic Batter Bowl FREE!!!

And the batter bowl makes a GREAT gift idea for family or friends when filled with all the ingredients needed for your favorite recipe!

To order through Ashley through my party, please follow these instructions to begin shopping at my party:

1) Go to my consultant’s website:
2) Click on “shop online” at the top right of the page (not “shop now”)
3) Enter “Erin Cestero” as the host
4) Click on my name (Erin)
5) Shop, Shop, Shop!!!!

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