Monday February 19th 2018
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Let’s talk Home Maintenance!!!!

Alright, alright…  I know we may not all get excited about home maintenance, but we need to keep up with these less than exciting chores.  Would this page be more exciting if I started out by saying, “Who wants to make their home run more efficiently AND make it more valuable!?!”  Better?

This page serves as an outline for those tasks I feel confident will keep your home running smoothly and put more money in your pocket if or when you decide to sell.  You can see an outline of my personal maintenance calendar by clicking here.  Now, I know this list looks scary if you read it all at once.  Remember, we can tackle anything one step at a time and I am going to show you how!  Follow my maintenance posts or click the links below to get step by step instructions for completing these maintenance tasks.


“A” is for A/C Filters:  Have you Changed your A/C filters lately?


 “B” is for Bed:  Keep Yours a Place of Comfort!


“C” is for Circuit Interrupter:  Check your GFCI Outlets Monthly!


“D” is for Dryer Vent:  Is Your Clothes Dryer Vent a Fire Hazard?


“E” is for Emptying and Cleaning Your Clothes Washer Drain Pump Filter


“F” is for Fire Preparedness




9 Comments for “Maintenance”

  • E.M. says:

    Pretty good sites, keep the good work.

    • Savvy Erin says:

      Thanks E.M! If you like what you see, please join through google or facebook (links on the site) and share with your friends. I love the feedback!



  • Shelly Benfield says:

    Hi Erin! How are you doing? I recently received a nice cast iron skillet as a gift (can you believe that I didn’t already have one). However, it is not seasoned. So I thought I would post this question to you and you could use it as a post – what is the best way to care for and season a cast iron skillet?


  • Ali says:

    Love it! Just learned about the A/C filters myself a few days ago…who knew?!?! 😉 (Maybe i should have) I think I’ll be going through the rest of your list 😉

  • Jane Crisci says:

    I just recently discovered Pinterest, which led me to your website. I printed off your “Fire Preparedness” for my husband. He will love this checklist. Now that I know about you, I can’t wait to check out more of your website. Could you please add me to your invitation list for Pinterest? Have a great day!

  • Bathroom Repair says:

    G is for great job! You make the chore less boring and more fun.

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