Monday February 19th 2018
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DIY American Flag Pillow by “Lookie What I Did”

Hi Everyone and Happy Weekend!  I would like to introduce you to Missy of Lookie What I Did.  I discovered Missy’s site after pinning a beautiful Vintage Inspired American Flag Pillow she created and posted as a tutorial.  I love the pillow, plan on making it, and decided to explore her site further.  I strongly recommend it.  Her projects are beautiful, I love her style, and I am sure she has many more amazing posts to come.  I must also say, she has one of the most fabulous craft rooms I have ever seen.  I haven’t seen this room in person, but am inspired to get up and create something amazing after just seeing her pictures here.

Now, without further ado… Here is Missy:

Coincident with the birth of our son seven years ago, I decided to end my career as a professional in order to focus my time and energy on being a full-time mother.  Not only did this allow me to spend more time with my child, it also enabled me to nurture my creative side.  I began to take on small projects such as re-finishing antique furniture purchased at an estate sale, hand-making a personalized picture necklace or creating some other clever craft.  I shared my ideas and creations with family and friends, who in turn gave me the confidence I needed to continue to explore.  Now that my son is older and more independent, I have the time and energy to dedicate to crafting.  So, after stalking blogs for the last few years, I have decided to put on a uniform and join the game!!!   I enjoy learning new things from other bloggers, as well as sharing all of my projects and ideas.  Thank you for having me and please stop by my blog sometime to Lookie What I Did“!

Vintage Inspired American Flag Pillow

$69.00 versus $7.00!

I recently got my July edition of my Southern Living magazine and I was looking through it and saw this:

Southern Living, July 2011
Southern Living, July 2011

I love this American Flag pillow but wasn’t crazy about the price.  I knew that it would be fairly simple to make and I had just about everything I needed to make it.

Here are the supplies I used to make the pillow:

  • 2 pieces of approximately 20″ x 24″ pieces of burlap
  • Americana True Red Acrylic Paint
  • Americana Primary Blue Acrylic Pain
  • Star Stickers
  • Vinyl strips cut into 1″ strips
  • 1″ foam paint brush
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Wax Paper

The hardest process was figuring out the spacing of the stars.  I started with a 7″ x 9″ template (that is what that blue cardstock is above) that I traced off for the blue square on the pillow.  For the rows with 6 stars I started by moving in 1/2″  from my left margin and placed my first star and then measured 1 1/2″ in between each star.  For the rows with 5 stars, I measured 1 1/2″ from my left margin and spaced them 1 1/2″ apart.  Each row is spaced 1/2″ apart.

Each stripe is 1″, so I just cut some vinyl strips 1″ and just put them down the flag.  (FYI, 7 red stripes and 6 white/plain stripes)
I was then ready to paint.  This process went really fast.  VERY IMPORANT:  Put wax paper under this because the paint will bleed through!
When I painted the blue square I just blotted the paintbrush because I did not want the stars to lift off!
I let it dry for about an hour or so and then removed the vinyl strips and 50 gold stars (I used a thick needle for this to help lift them up).
The next morning after it was completely dry I turned the flag over against the other piece of burlap and begain sewing.  This was easy because I just followed the margins of the flag.  I sewed all the way around and left a pocket open to invert it and then stuffed it and sewed it shut!
Finished Product!
The finished size is 16″ x 20″ 
Thanks for having me!


  Isn’t this great?  Go check out Lookie What I Did, show her a little blog love by becoming a member, and find out what other great ideas Missy has to come!
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