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Freshmen Friday #4 & Becoming a Guest Blogger

Happy Freshmen Friday Everyone!

Today’s tip for blogging is to “Guest Post!”

We all know the feeling… You just finished writing an AWESOME post; it is one you are so proud of that you just cannot wait to publish it.  Next time you have that feeling, pull your finger away from that send button and take a moment to think to yourself, “Is this a post a big blogger I admire may be interested in featuring?”  Being featured on another bloggers site is a GREAT way to establish new readers!  Where else can you find such a perfect target audience who has already expressed an interest in subjects similar to that which you cover?  If you haven’t tried this yet, I bet you will be surprised by how friendly and supportive your fellow bloggers can be.  Next time you are super proud of a post, I recommend the following:

  1. Pick a blogger you admire who has a site who’s content is relevant to your post.
  2. E-mail that blogger.  Begin with a small introduction explaining who you are and a little about your site.  I wouldn’t recommend writing a novel.  Most bloggers, especially the big ones, probably don’t have the time to read and respond to a novel.  Let the blogger know you are a fan of her (or his) site and ask if she would be willing to feature you as a guest blogger.  I like to end my e-mail with a “No pressure… but it can’t hurt to ask, right?” kind of line.  🙂  Pick what feels comfortable to you.
  3. If that fabulous blogger e-mails you back with a “Yes, I would love to feature you,” be sure to ask how she would like you to send the post to her (if she didn’t include instructions).  Would she like an e-mail with the full content in HTML version?  Would she prefer a Word Document attached?  Would she like an e-mail with text and images attached?  Whatever she requests, send it to her making sure she has as little work to do as possible.  Also, would she like you to write a quick blurb about you and your site or will she provide the introduction?  Before you send your post, make sure to proof read it three times!  Once it is up on someone else’s site, you can’t just revisit the link and make a change.
  4. Don’t worry, in being featured as a guest on another site, you are not missing out on a post that could have been published on your site.  On the day of your feature, write a brief post directing your readers over to your hosts site like I did here.  This will benefit your host and provide a nice “thank you” for featuring you.  If you choose, you can also publish your post on your own site in the future.
  5. If you are a fabulous blogger who has taken the time to read this post, e-mail me at if you would like to be featured as a guest blogger on Home Savvy.  🙂
Does this whole process sound scary as a new blogger?  I promise, it isn’t as scary as it sounds.  I have done it a few times and the first time I was a guest blogger on another site, I only had 15 followers (and they were probably all friends and family).  The worst that can happen is a “no” e-mail response, right?
If you are looking for ideas on intros, click one of the following links to see guest features I have done on other FABULOUS sites:

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Now, on to Freshmen Friday!

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I would love for you to come back on Monday as well to link up to my Savvy HomeMade Monday blog party for bloggers of all ages and sizes.  (I hope you know what I mean by that… I am referring to your blog size of yours…ha.)

The guidelines for today’s party are:

  1. The link party portion of Freshmen Friday is for new bloggers who have either been blogging for less than a year  OR have fewer than 150 followers.  If you fit one or both of those criteria, this is your opportunity to shamelessly promote yourself by posting a link to a post, directly to your blog using your button, to giveaways, to parties… whatever (appropriate) link your heart desires!
  2. I would love for you to become a Google Friends Connect follower of my site using the “Join This Site” button in the right column of this screen.  If it isn’t there, hit refresh and it should appear.
  3. I would love if you would “like” my Facebook page by clicking here.
  4. I would really appreciate you linking back to this party and/or telling your friends about it!  The more the merrier right?!?
  5. Visit your fellow partiers, share the comment love, and become followers of sites you enjoy!

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