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An Intro to Google+ and a Freshmen Friday Link Party

Happy Friday, Everyone, and welcome to my Freshmen Friday Blog Party and Business Building Post.

Well, you may have heard… Google Friend’s Connect is being phased out for non-blogger users as of March 1, 2012 and Google is attempting to build a more all-user friendly, cleaner connection tool with Google+.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical with my first introduction to Google+, but I have become quite the fan.  Here are a few of the questions I had when getting started:

1.  What is Google+?

Answer:  It is a social network.  Much like Facebook, Google+ is a tool for connecting individuals and allowing us to share information with friends and fans all over with the click of a button.

2.  Why on Earth would I join Google+ when I already have to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and my own site?

Answer:  Google+ is growing quickly.  The benefit of its modest size now (62 million as of the New Year) is that those individuals you are connect to now will REALLY be exposed to what you have to say.  Unlike Facebook where we are all flooded with thousands of status updates a day and forced to weed through to find those we want to see, Google+ is new and your connections are still growing.  The odds of your contacts on Google+ seeing your update on Google+ are much better than the odds of those readers catching your Facebook post and diving in.  As I mentioned though, Google+ is growing daily… 625,000 new users daily… to be exact.  Get in now and you can form connections fast with little effort.

3.  What is a Google+ Circle?

Answer:  I am a big fan of the “Circle” concept!  Circles allow you to categorize your connections, thus, giving you the opportunity to filter what threads you see and what groups you share specific information with.  If you are still wondering how Circles may be of benefit to you, consider these points:  Have you ever signed on to Facebook in the evening wanting to see what your family is up to and have to sift through the 200 crafty projects your blogger friends came up with today?  OR… Have you been working on a post you just cannot seem to finish and need some creative inspiration from your fellow bloggers only to find your 5th cousin Susie is complaining about her life AGAIN?  With circles, you can limit who you see when sifting through posts.  You can also share your personal posts only with family and friends and not the random blogger who followed you only in an attempt to get a follow in return.  You know who you are.  Ha ha.   To start, Google+ has four default circles:  Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following.  I edited my circles so far to be Friends, Family, Bloggers, and Following.  Fellow bloggers, please do not be offended by being in the “Blogger” Circle rather than my “Friend” Circle.  Many of you are dear, dear friends.  I just don’t want to load my non-blogger friends up with posts complaining about spam or faulty WP updates.

4.  How do I get started with Google+?

Answer:   First of all, you will need a Google Account.  Once you have created a Google Account at, go to  Submit all your basic information to Google, Accept the Terms, and click to get started!  You will then be prompted to add people to your Google+ Circles.  The first options you will be given will be those already in your Gmail account (if you have one).  Once you select those you would like to connect with, you will be given the opportunity to connect with big businesses, celebrities, and other popular entities.  Once you have created this basic account and started your circles, you will be given the opportunity to dive much further into Google+ by creating a Page, Creating a Hangout, Setting up a chat, or numerous other options.  I will share more on these options in future posts.

5.  How do I tell others about my Google+ Account?

Answer:  Visit to set up a gadget to display on your page.

6.  Who should I connect with first?

Answer:  ME!  Visit my Home Savvy A to Z Google+ connect page here to get started!

Today’s Freshmen Friday Post is just a quick introduction to Google+ and I would like to dive deeper into this new social media site next week.  I would love to know your thoughts on this new Google tool.

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 Now, it is time to link up!

Remember, Freshmen Friday is a little different than most blogger parties!  The rules are:

  1. Freshmen Friday is a party designed for linking directly to your homepage.  I picked the maximum number of characters allowed by my linky tool, so you have 99 characters to share your website name and whatever else you can squeeze in in 99 characters!  Maybe a description of your site, i.e. “Home, Decor, Recipes, etc.”  Anything (appropriate) is fare game!  Feel free to shamelessly promote your site or business directly.
  2. I would love for you to become a Google Friends Connect follower of my site IF you like what you see of course.  🙂
  3. If you would like to “like” my Facebook page, you can do so by clicking here (though it isn’t mandatory).
  4. Visit your fellow partiers, share the comment love, and become followers of sites you enjoy!
  5. I would really appreciate you linking back to this party and/or telling your friends about it!  The more the merrier right?!?


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