Monday February 19th 2018
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A Burlap Runner by A Sunday Afternoon

TGIF, Everyone!  I would like to introduce you to Sunday of  A Sunday Afternoon.  Please extend a warm welcome to her!  After you have a chance to check out her fabulous Burlap Runner, be sure to link up to the Blog Directory below and then head over to A Sunday Afternoon to read more!

I’m so excited to be a guest here at Home Savvy A to Z, thank you Erin!

First things first, I know you are wondering, is that really her name? Yes, it really is and that’s why the name of my blog is: A Sunday Afternoon.

The DIY bug bit me about 2 years ago when I looked around my house and realized something was missing, it just seemed empty – BOO. The problem was, I didn’t have the budget to decorate like a magazine cover. Since then I’ve started thrifting for items I could transform. For me, it’s like hunting and I can’t drive by a thrift store without going in – my poor kids!

As I began to DIY, I posted the ideas on Facebook and my friends and family suggested I start a blog – what a GREAT idea! I love sharing Before & Afters, DIY Projects, and even Tutorials.

That being said, I want to let you in on a little secret…..if I can do it, you can do it! I love sharing great ideas because I truly believe anyone can make their home beautiful on a budget.

Please enjoy one of my latest posts and add a little SPRING to your home!

Makin’ it on Monday {Burlap Runner}

It’s mid-March and we’re feelin’ the heat! It got up to 79 degrees today and for most of the country that wouldn’t seem out of the norm but, I live in Minnesota and it’s just wackadoodle! The heat is making me feel all SPRINGY inside and so of course, I must do a spring project. This time it ended up involving something I rarely do – SEW. I can’t believe I even attempted it without my mother-in-luv holding my hand.

I have to admit, I’m really proud of myself!

{insert pat on the back here}

I have been practically drooling over the burlap runners I’ve seen on other blogs and Pinterest and decided spring was a good time to go for it. I started with 3 yards (way too much BTW) @ $2.97 a yard at Walmart, half the price of most fabric stores. Sewing is not my forte’ so I bought the ruffles instead of making them the old-fashioned (and cheaper) way.

The first thing I did was measure using a runner I had on hand and then cut the burlap in half. It was wider than my runner and in order to take the path of least resistance avoid as much fraying as possible, I decided to just sew it together instead of attempting seams and all the silliness that goes with them (like for instance, sewing straight lines).

Be ready to be impressed…

After sewing it together I added 3 layers of ruffle trim.

I simply couldn’t accomplish all this sewing effort without having a cute centerpiece to put on top. I’m hosting Easter Sunday Dinner at my house this year, so I’m already planning the table – this is my start.

Thankfully I didn’t have to buy much to put this one together. I had the jar (on clearance from TJMaxx with the ribbon and eggs around the lid), the moss, and a plate that I ended up spray painting baby blue to match the ribbon. I bought some more eggs and garland for the bottom on sale this week at JoAnne Fabrics for $4.99 each.

One more picture, just because it’s so PRETTY!

And, here’s how it looks on the table…

I love how it turned out! But, I have a slight issue. Does anyone else have a problem decorating for a season or a holiday in a color scheme that doesn’t go with your ‘regular’ colors? I’m sure I’m a weirdo – but my kitchen area is red, taupe and black so I struggle with the pink and baby blue.

Am I the only one that thinks this way? I really want to know! Do you match your seasonal / holiday decor to what you already have going on? Do you just completely ignore your regular stuff? How do you decide? Leave me some comment luv below and let me know what you think!

For now, I’ve decided to ignore myself and enjoy my pink eggs – at least until after Easter!

Love you more than sewing all by myself!


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