Monday February 19th 2018
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Savvy HomeMade Monday Blog Party #5

Hello Savvy Friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and start to the week!  My day started with making the hubby some whole wheat pancakes…

Yes… I am THAT cheesy!  🙂

Then, the rest of our day was filled with cleaning and reorganizing.  None of that crazy mess was post worthy, so it is a good thing you all linked up some awesome posts and shared at last week’s Savvy HomeMade Monday party!  As usual, I would like to share the most visited and most “liked” posts from the party…

You all must have been awfully hungry while partying last week because three of the top posts were foodie posts!

Lady Behind the Curtain’s Chocolate Cupcake Surprise was a huge hit and certainly had me craving a cupcake.  Not only do these look yummy, but they are so perfectly iced!  I am impressed.

And you all must love cupcakes as much as I do because Sunny Simple Life’s Wise as an Owl Cupcakes were really popular too!  I am owl obsessed and these couldn’t be cuter owls!

And continuing with things I love (which apparently you do to)… BACON!  Everyday Mom’s Meals posted a delicious looking and very popular recipe for her Ranch Bacon Pasta Salad.  Yum!

Then, once you satisfied your hunger, you moved on to cuteness!  Happy Hour Project’s Very Taggie Caterpillar makes me smile every time I visit.  How cute is this?!?  Of course, the beautiful baby makes it impossible to skip over this thumbnail, but the caterpillar is also super cute.  🙂

And to finish this week’s favorites, Art is Beauty added a beautiful new graphic to a fun turquoise sewing table she found.  What a great touch!  I love it.

I feel SOOOOOOOO honored to have had 225 amazing link ups last week and I hope you don’t mind me featuring some of the posts on my Facebook page along the way as well.

I also want to mention to the new bloggers out there that I will be hosting a “Freshmen Friday” party every Friday for any bloggers who have been blogging for less than a year.  I do not want to discriminate against the veterans but have received e-mails from some fellow newbies out there with questions regarding getting started blogging, creating a Facebook page, using Pinterest for blogging, Twitter, and some of the tools we use as bloggers.  For Freshen Friday, I will post (or feature a guest Veteran Blogger who has posted) about a subject which may help bloggers build their sites and meet new people.  Along with my post, newbies will be able to link up and meet some others eager to find new followers, find their own voice, and grow!  I hope to see fellow newbies there!

Ok… On to Savvy HomeMade Monday…  Here are my requests for party goers:

  1. Please become a follower of Home Savvy via GFC in the sidebar.  (Sometimes GFC is moody and doesn’t appear.  If you refresh the screen it should pop up.  What is with that?)  🙂
  2. It isn’t mandatory, but if you Facebook, I would love for you to “like” Home Savvy on FB by clicking here.  I promise to return the favor!  If you have a FB page of your own, leave a comment on my FB page and I will like you back.  I follow other blogs closely using FB and love to be so connected!
  3. Any (appropriate) idea goes in my book.  Crafting, restoration, recipes, tutorials, need to knows… if it is a post you are proud of, please share!
  4. Please link back to on your post or site (button or url, whatever you prefer).  This will help spread the word about Savvy HomeMade Monday.  The more the merrier right?!?
  5. Visit some of your fellow party goers and share the blog love!

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